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We have been importing goods to the Baltics for over 25 years. We are your gateway to the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets. Use our supply chain, market expertise and professional services to expand your business today!
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What we do

We import goods from all over the world and supply the entire Baltic region.
We represent known brands like S.Pellegrino, Sensodyne, Vileda, Zott and many more.
We stick to deadlines and ensure that the goods will arrive on time, every time.
The shelves will be beautifully stocked and products showcased the best way possible.
We provide you with marketing support and in-depth knowledge about the Baltic market.

Portfolio highlights

Take a look at some of the great companies and products we work with.

The name Zott stands for taste and quality coupled with a passion for milk. The Bavarian family-owned company has been producing milk for over 90 years – the company is already being managed by the family’s third generation – and a large range of yoghurt, dessert and cheese specialities successfully, which are supplied in more than 75 countries of the world. The headquarters of the group of companies is located in Mertingen (Bavaria). In addition to another production site in Günzburg, there are two other production sites in Poland. Besides this, Zott maintains sales offices in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Singapore and Vietnam.
Vileda kvaliteetsed puhastusvahendid on tuntud üle maailma. Pakume laia valikut Vileda majapidamiskaupasid ja koristustarbeid, mille hulka kuuluvad lapid, mopid, pesemismatid, majapidamis- ja töökindad ning ka Wettexi majapidamislapid.
Marmiton on 1992. aastal asutatud ettevõte, mille juured ulatuvad juba 1920. aastasse. Praegu pakub Marmiton erinevaid maiustusi ning küpsetisi, mis valmivad moodsas Tallinna tootmisüksuses. Sortimendis on lai valik küpsiseid, magusaid marmelaade, kreemiga vahvleid, suupisteid, halvaad ning ka sügavkülmutatud tooteid. Umbes kolmandik ettevõtte toodangust läheb ekspordiks lähiriikidesse, kus hinnatakse kõrgelt pikkadest traditsioonidest kantud mõnusaid maiustusi ja suupisteid.
Marmiton's delicious roots go back to the beginning of previous century, around 1920. Nowadays Marmiton is offering different confectionery and pastries that are produced in a modern production unit in Tallinn. The range includes cookies, sweet and sour marmalade, waffles, halva, deep-frozen pastry and other snacks. About one third of the production is exported to the neighbouring countries.

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