CATIT Cuisine quality meals for your pet

All CATIT Cuisine products are grain, soy and gluten-free, do not contain artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, do not have added sugars and the products are high in protein.

We are pleased to introduce our new range of gourmet cat foods which are made from plenty of real meat or fish to pamper your cat’s refined palate.

Serve your cat delicious foam, pate or stew, thanks to the easy-to-open tetra packs it’s very easy. Environmentally conscious people will also be happy to know that CATIT Cuisine tetra pack is made of sustainable and eco-friendly material which is made of 70% renewable FSC-certified paper. This packaging format does not take up as much space and energy as other available packaging formats.

CATIT Cuisine’s wet foods are wholesome, made with love and so good as if they were made at home! Only natural ingredients are used which are gently heat-treated to preserve their nutrients and fine taste and ensure the best health for cats.

CATIT Cuisine – Pâté (Pates 95g)

Our product range includes 4 different pates with interesting flavors which are suitable for cats of all life stages as a complete feed.

CATIT Cuisine – Stew (Stews 95g)

Snacks for cats of all life stages. Our range includes 4 stews:

CATIT Cuisine – Mousse (Foams 90g)

Our product range includes 2 foams which are suitable for cats of all life stages as a complete feed.