Käserei Champignon-Hofmeister cheeses now available

We are now importing Käserei Champignon-Hofmeister group cheeses which tastily unite traditional cheese making, innovation and passion for great flavours.

Käserei Champignon-Hofmeister introduces themselves thus:

“For generations we have made it our business to provide the ultimate indulgence with our specialty cheeses and top-quality dairy products. Over the course of time, individual dairies have come together to form the global Champignon-Hofmeister group of companies. During that time we have stayed true to our 100-year-old roots. As a family business we are anchored in the region, maintain our artisanal roots, prize our ingredients, our closeness to nature and the togetherness of all our employees. In our four facilities in Bavaria and Saxony we produce passion and innovative drive.

Whether it’s aromatic soft-ripened cheese specialties, traditional blue cheeses or cheeses for entertainment: our special, diverse and delicious products have consistently stood for high quality cheese for many decades – in Europe and worldwide. Our successful brands such as CAMBOZOLA, ROUGETTE, Käserei Champignon or St.Mang are also very successful in many foreign markets. In addition, we have developed brands specifically for international markets: for example, DORBLU, a traditional blue cheese or our creamy BRIETTE fresh-pack cheeses. Traditional cheese-making is combined with new product concepts and the latest technology. This combination makes us extremely flexible and helps to ensure the successful launch and placement of products abroad.”